X-ray discharge from the subject of secret darkness

Image of a set of galaxies that collided with two large galaxies. Hot X-ray gas is seen in purple and dark matter (under the influence of gravity) in blue. Astronomers have used Chandra X-ray data to rule out the possibility that the mysterious dark matter in the universe is made up of neutral elements.
Credits: X-ray NASA / CXC / CfA / M.Markevitch et al .; Optical: NASA / STScI; Magellan, U.S.A. Clowe et al .; Lens Map: NASA / STScI; Iso WFI; Magellan, U.S.A. Clowe et al.)

Eighty-five percent of what is in the cosmos does not emit light or any other known radiation, so it is called darkness. One of the most famous traits is that of gravity alone. For example, it does not charge for electromagnetic fields. It is also called “darkness” because darkness is a mystery. It is not made up of atoms or their common elements (such as electrons and protons) or any other known particle.

Because dark matter is an integral part of the universe, its distribution and gravity have a profound effect on the evolution of galactic structures as well as the spread of space microwave radiation. Indeed, a striking agreement between the values ​​of the key space measurements (such as the size of the universe) is derived from the two completely different spatial structures, galaxies, and microwave backgrounds, and gives credence to the larger bad models that play a crucial role in the dark matter.

Physicists have tried to come up with new particles that are compatible with the laws of the universe, but nothing has been proven. A compliment to a new particle is called “pure neutrality.”

There are currently three known types of nitrite. They are all connected by gravity and a weak force (the weakest of the four natural forces). At first it was thought that they did not have a mass mass like a photo, but about twenty years ago physicists realized that they were small in number – less than a million times the number of electrons, which is still enough to cause a fatal problem for physics. Standard particle model.

The solution is not connected by weak energy, so the existence of a giant neutrino, called “highly pollutant nitrino,” is probably a thousand times greater. Never found.

If astronomers were composed of pure, neutral particles, they would be able to produce X-ray images that would occasionally decompose. Nearly seven years ago, X-ray astronomers reported extraordinary emissions from unusual galaxies of galaxies. He pointed out that this behavior could be the signature of hygienic neutrino.

In the years that followed, many attempts were made to verify the identity or to influence the instrument or other astronomical influences, only mixed successes. CFA Astronomers Isra Bulbul and Francesca Sivano and their colleagues have now completed an extensive archaeological study of the Chandra X-ray Observatory.

They do not, but their new analysis is in line with other recently published restrictions, which, according to some estimates, significantly limit the decomposition behavior of stitched nitrogen, but they cannot completely eliminate it.

Reference: Milky WayThe Dark Issue Halo for the 3.5 KV line: “Dominic Sicilian, Nico Capeluti, Isra Bulbul, Francesca Sivano, Massimo Moseti and Christopher S. Reynolds. December 23, 2020 Astrophysical Journal.
Doy: 10.3847 / 1538-4357 / abbee9

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