NASA Psychological Mission passes a metal-enriched asteroid key

Technicians In November 2020, Macar Technologies in Palo Alto, California, will be powered by NASA’s Chassis of Solar Electric Proposition (SEP) Chassis. Credit-Macer Technologies

About a year and a half now, the mission to explore iron-rich steroids will begin to collect and test the spacecraft.

NASAThere is a crucial stage in the psychological mission of moving one step forward. After a thorough review of the mission’s progress in building scientific instruments and engineering systems, NASA won a screening to enter the Phase D process. The final phase of the project, which is scheduled to begin in August 2022.

So far, the mission has focused on the design, design, and construction of spacecraft, including solar power systems, three scientific instruments, electronics, power substations, and so on. Successful evaluation of these components means that the NASA Jet Proposal Laboratory will now begin the task of managing the mission and inspecting, assembling, and coordinating each component.

Psychic spacecraft

This picture shows the NASA psychic wheel, which is set to launch in 2022. Credit-NASA / JP-Caltech / ASU

It’s really the last chapter when all the pieces of the puzzle come together and we go up on the rocket. This is the worst thing that has ever happened on Earth, ”said Lindy Ilkins-Tanton, Arizona State University’s lead researcher.

The psychic target is an iron-rich steroid with the same name, which rotates between the main asteroid belt in the sun. Mars And Jupiter. Scientists believe that in contrast to rocky or frosted asteroids, cycles are mostly made of iron and nickel, and they may be the heart of an ancient planet that lost its outer shell. Exploring asteroid cycles (140 miles or 226 km) can provide valuable insights into how the earth and other planets were created.

Scientists do not yet have images of steroids. This interactive version is based on modeling. To see how it compares to other horoscopes, zoom in and out. Watch the full interactive experience on the eyes of the solar system.

The psychic uses a magnetometer to detect the magnetic field of the spacecraft; Asteroids are a strong indication that they were once the core of the ancient planet. An all-rounder takes pictures of the earth and collects information about asteroid composition and landscape. Spectrometers analyze the neutrons and gamma rays from above to identify the elements that make up the object.

The main structure of the Solar Electric Proposition (SEP) chassis was designed and built by Macar Technologies. Maxx’s team in Palo Alto, California, is preparing to send him J.L.L.The main cleaning room in March, when assembly, testing and launch work will begin.

Each device then performs additional tests. That JLL-led in-depth photo optical communication display uses the most efficient method of transmitting information through photographs, or the most basic of visible particles. In addition, the temperature, telecommunications, propulsion, power, aviation and other engineering sub-systems will be included in the test with a flight computer.

The project has made tremendous progress, especially in the world around us Kovid-19 According to the Jepel Henry Stone Psychiatry Project Manager, it will meet its limitations. “We are in good shape. We are on the road and we plan to move forward to start.

The iron rich world

This picture shows the target of NASA’s psychological mission: asteroid psyche, in the main asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter. Credit: NASA / JPL-Caltech / ASU

Although engineers and technicians need to deal with widespread compulsions and adhere to additional safety protocols manually on the spacecraft, the project is on schedule.

“It seems miraculous that we are still able to make this happen and that we are overcoming our challenges,” said Ilkins-Tanton. It is also a wonderful gift to move us forward in difficult times. So, getting to this point is very important – not just for this project that we have been working on for ten years, but also because of what has been happening all our lives recently. ”

The spacecraft is fully assembled until spring 2022 and is ready to be shipped to NASA Kennedy Space Center in Cape Kanawat, Florida, starting in August 2022. In 2026, it will orbit the astronomical sphere, where it will spend 21 months collecting data for analysis.

More about the mission

ASU leads the mission. JPL, located in Southern California, is responsible for mission management, system engineering, integration and testing and mission activities. Makar provides space for a high-powered solar-powered spacecraft.

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