NASA officially confirms SpaceX crew dragon

For the NASA Space X 1 mission, a Space X Falcon 9 rocket and a team dragon resistance mission will be unveiled at the SpaceX Hangar at NASA Kennedy Space Center in Florida on November 9, 2020, before the launch of Renaissance 39A. Credit: Spacex

Years of design, development and testing period completed NASA As part of the Agency’s Business Personnel Program, it will officially launch the first commercial spacecraft system in history that can transport people to the International Space Station. NASA Signs Humanitarian Verification Plan Tuesday b Space XAfter a thorough flight readiness assessment, the agency’s Space X-1 mission guided the astronauts to the space station and the staff’s transportation system.

“I am very proud to announce that we will be returning rocket-propelled grenades and spacecraft to the United States,” said NASA Administrator Jim Briedstein. “This certification is a remarkable achievement for NASA and Space X, highlighting the growing potential for collaboration with the commercial industry.”

Space X Falcon 9

A Space X Falcon 9 rocket landed on the launch pad at NASA Kennedy Space Center Launch Center 39A in Florida on Tuesday, November 10, after it was released overnight along with the company’s team dragon spacecraft. Credit: NASA / Joel Kowski

The NASA-certified group dragon, including the Falcon 9 rocket and related ground systems, is the first new and manned spacecraft since the space shuttle nearly 40 years ago. Several important events paved the way for this success, including ground tests, simulations, unmanned aerial tests, and the NASA Space X Demo-2 test flight with astronauts Robert Benken and Douglas Hurley earlier this year.

“Today’s signing is about people who have come together to complete the incredible task of assembling NASA, Space X and other teams,” said Kathy Luders, co-director of NASA’s Human Resource and Operations Directorate. Certification will move us from the design and testing stage to the turnaround of our crew, but we will not stop making sure that every flight, including the NASA space team-1 mission, is delivered at the same level as we set out to do. The Best System for Our Astronauts ”

The launch of the Demo-2 mission began in On May 30, 2020, astronauts first appeared on a US rocket and space shuttle from the United States, and the extensive analysis of the test flight followed the safe return of Becken and Hurlin. August 2.

Prior to Blood-2, NASA and Space X completed several demonstration flights to ensure the system was ready to fly. Linn In 2015, the team completed a staff dragon pad abortion test, which showed that it was able to escape the launch pad in the event of an emergency before the spacecraft took off.

Linn In March 2019, NASA and Space X took another major step after a four-day space shuttle mission to NASA’s Space X-1 mission, when the team dragon returned safely to Earth. The pilot flight was the first launch, docking and return of commercial commercial American spacecraft.

Linn In January 2020, NASA and Space X completed the launch of the team dragon spacecraft and Falcon 9 rocket launch. During the test, Space X’s partner set up a team dragon to deliberately launch a flight drawer 1 minute and 30 seconds before the flight to demonstrate the crew’s ability to safely transport the astronauts safely.

NASA Space X Group 1 Mission Astronauts

NASA’s Speak X Group-1 mission astronauts pose for a photograph in front of the crew of the team’s Resilience spacecraft at the Nosa Kennedy Space Center Launch Complex 39A on November 8, 2020, astronaut Sochi Nougchi, mission; NASA astronaut Michael Hopkins, space shuttle commander; NASA astronaut Shannon Walker, mission; And NASA astronaut Victor Glover, pilot. Credit: Spacex

“I would like to thank NASA for its continued support of Space X and its partnership in achieving this goal,” said Elon Musk, chief engineer of Space X. I can’t be proud of Space X and all of our suppliers who have worked incredibly hard to be the first commercial space flight system in history to be certified, tested and flown by NASA. This is a great honor that inspires confidence in our efforts to return to the moon, to travel MarsAnd ultimately, they help to make mankind a planet. ”

Dozens of experiments on the parachute system of the spacecraft have been successfully completed. It started in 2016 and ended this year. A number of key events have taken place since 2018, including an electromagnetic interference test at Cow Dragon, Space X Factory in Houghton, California, and an acoustic unit test at a spacecraft at the Glen Research Center at NASA’s Plum Brock Station in Ohio. . Hundreds of spacecraft have been tested on eight supercarcor abortions, and astronauts can escape rockets in the event of an emergency.

NASA and Space X, in conjunction with the U.S. Air Force and the Department of Defense (DOD), will also conduct personnel rescue training. When climbing or spraying, the DD is designed to rescue astronauts quickly and safely. The Humanitarian Flight Office is preparing to deploy for the time being.

“NASA’s partnership with the US private industry is changing the history of human space by opening up space for more people, science and business opportunities,” said Phil MacMalster, director of commercial space space development. NASA We are really at the beginning of a new era of human space.

NASA Space X Group-1 Mission is the first spacecraft to use the certified Space X Group Dragon spacecraft, with NASA astronauts Michael Hopkins, Victor Glover and Shannon Walker with Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency.JAXA) Astronaut Sochi Noguchi, on a six-month mission to the space station. The team dragon will be launched at NASA Kennedy Space Center from “Launch Complex 39A” on Saturday, November 14 at Falcon 9.

Companies The SSS Business Group program is working with the US aviation industry, and companies are developing new generations of spacecraft and launching systems to take their employees to lower orbits. Upon completion of the Space X staff transport system NASA certification, the agency will continue to provide space to Russia by continuing its regular astronauts. Commercial transportation to the rotating laboratory provides additional research time and ample opportunities for discovery.

For more than 20 years, humans have lived and worked on the International Space Station, advancing scientific knowledge and developing new technologies for the search of the moon and Mars.

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