Lake Kilauea returns to Lava. Hawaii’s most active volcano is erupting again

After two years of silence, Hawaii’s youngest and most active volcano, Kilauea, is erupting again. In the first days of the last eruption of the volcano, from July 2019, the water accumulated in the crater of the top of the volcano (Halema’uma’u) was replaced by lava lake. The well was boiling on December 20, 2020, after a new eruption opened three cracks in the walls of the crater և lava filled the lake.

Kilauea Volcano December 2020

December 28, 2020 Click on the image to get a high resolution resolution.

Advanced space heat emission և reflection radiometer (ASTER) is on NASAThe Terra satellite acquired the fake color image of Lake և Lava Crater (above) on December 28, 2020. The valve where the lava flows into the crater looks red. The thin crust of volcanic cooling material floating on the lava turns the surface gray, and there is a stronger “island” floating in the center of Lake Lava. A small stream of steam and other small volcanic gases rises from the vent of the western wall of the crater.

Kilauea Caldera January 2021

A view to the north of the southern edge of Halemaumau in the Kalauea water park, showing an ongoing eruption in 2021. On January 5, at 5 p.m. On the 30th. The western dam activity included a “domed fountain” with torrential lava flowing from the middle. – Lifting vent և weak strombolic scattering activity from high altitude vent. Loan Photo by USGS: K. Lynn.

Lake Lava has grown significantly since December, reaching 35 million cubic yards (27 million cubic meters) by January 6, and a depth of 192 meters (630 feet) since January 2. From January 2, a small area of ​​ascent called the “dome fountain” broke through the entrails of Lake Lava.

Satellite view Hawaii night January 2021

January 4, 2021

Suomi NPP satellite gets a wide night view of Hawaii in 2020 On January 4. Lake Lava is a bright layer of light in the eastern part of the “Big Island”. Hilo, Honolulu and other cities are also seen as bright spots. Moonglint, the reflection of moonlight on the surface of the sea, illuminates the area just west of Hawaii. The image was obtained by the Visible Infrared Radiometer Suite (VIIRS) Day Orchestra, which detects light in the wavelength range from green to infrared, uses weak reflection signals such as fires, glare, and electric lights.

Although volcano observers had some fears that the presence of significant amounts of water in the summit caldera could cause more explosive eruptions, the initial stages of this eruption were not unusually explosive. “The absence of an eruption at the start of the eruption could be due to the fact that the fissure opened outside the lake, not directly below it,” said Simon Carn of the Michigan Tech Volcano, noting that the water could erupt quickly. than mixing lava. “The most severe explosions occur when water is 20-30% of the volume of the mixture.”
Halema’uma’u lava flow լավ spring telephoto video; are dispersed by the active western rift of Halemauma.

Clip 1. Lake Halemaumau Crater Lava is now fed by two sources from the western fissure. The lava flows into the lava flow pipe (initiated yesterday, January 6, 2021) և the small dome. fountain (maximum height 5 meters or 16 feet).

Video 2. The south-west vent of the western fissure causes periodic tremors that build up on the cone approximately on the right side of the previously operating right cone. In this video, the beam that has accumulated at the top of the cone collapses, widening the opening.

Credit: Hannah Dieterich, Alaska Volcano Observatory

Volcanic activity is widespread in Kilauea. The last major event occurred in 2018, when lava fell from the Lower East Rift Zone and part of the summit collapsed.

NASA Earth Observatory images by UAU Oshua Stevens using NASA / METI / AIST / Space Aponia space systems data

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