Is the media biased? Women-led countries have not performed better in the COVID-19 pandemic

In women-led countries, significant results have not been achieved in this regard COVID-19 more pandemics than men-led ones – only the Western media we think can be biased!

COVID-19 Pandemic Women Leaders

Differences in the cultural characteristics of countries ruled by women and men throughout the dimensions examined in the article. Credit: Windsor et al, 2020 (PLOS ONE, CC BY 4.0)

In this article, the authors examine whether countries led by women are better than countries led by men during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Media and public health officials praised the sex-related impact of policies and strategies to reduce the harmful effects of the pandemic. The authors examine this proposal by analyzing COVID-19 deaths worldwide among countries led by men and women.

Although there is some limited support for lower mortality rates in women-led countries, these are not statistically significant. The country’s cultural values ​​provide a more comprehensive explanation for the COVID-19 results.

The authors provide a number of potential explanations for widespread perceptions, including the bias of choice of information that women-led countries performed better during pandemics and the Western media bias that boosted the success of female leaders in OECD countries.

Reference: “Sex during COVID-19: Assessing National Leadership and COVID-19 Mortality” Leah C. Windsor, Gina Yannitell Reinhardt, Alistair J. Windsor, Robert Ostergard, Susan Allen, Courtney Burns, Jarod Giger and Reed Wood, 31 December 2020 , PLOS.
DOI: 10.1371 / journal.pone.0244531

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