Do white dwarf stars help solve the problem of cosmological lithium?

Artist Repeated Nova Explosion Interpretation, RS Offic. This is a binary star in the constellation Opheus, about 5,000 light-years away. Every 20 years, gas explodes at temperatures over 10 million degrees Fahrenheit[20 ° C]. Credit: David A. Hardy

Exploring a new method to measure the evolution of lithium galaxy.

According to an online study published in the journal North Carolina Chapel Hill, lithium, which is difficult to detect for the first time, has been identified and measured in the atmosphere of burning stars called white dwarfs. Science.

Lithium helps to power cell phones and computers and stabilize mood. But scientists are confused about what lithium is expected from lithium Big Bang, The difference known as “cosmological lithium problem”

Although researchers believe that exploding stars could spread lithium throughout the galaxy and deliver most of the lithium we use in electronics and medicine today, the UNC-Chapel Hill study helps measure the amount of lithium in the original creation of the universe.

New insights at Unice-Chapel Hill, the University of Montreal and the Los Alamos National Laboratory provide clues to the evolution of lithium galaxy.

The discovery was made using the Goodman-Spectroscope mounted on the Southern Astrophysical Research Telescope of the CIRO at the National Science Foundation, NOIRLab, part of the CERO. Author and UNC-Chapel Hill Astrophysicist J. Christopher Clemenes White dwarf.

White dwarf stars are remnants of corpses that remain when they die and can be surrounded by rocky worlds.

In the study, researchers say they found huge asteroid-like debris in two of the two largest white dwarfs that the planets built 9 billion years ago – long before our own sun, earth, and solar system were created.

The team was able to measure the chemical makeup called Asteroids, and for the first time, it was able to separate lithium and potassium from the supernatural.

He said that the measurement of lithium in the rock from the other solar system provides a more reliable method for monitoring the amount of lithium in our galaxy from time to time.

The Big Bang, a major explanation of how the universe began 13.8 billion years ago, produced three elements: hydrogen, helium, and lithium. But in the case of stars like the sun, lithium measurements never add to the predictions of scientists.

Of the three elements, lithium provides the greatest secret.

“We can examine the prognosis for lithium in the Big Bang,” said Ben Kaiser, the first study author and co-graduate research assistant. Hill

Reference: “White Dwarf Lithium Pollution Recognizes Super Sunshine Planets” by BC Kaiser, Jesse Clement, S. Blue, P. Dufur, Arje Hegedes, JS Reding and A. Bedard. December 17, 2020 Science.
Doy: 10.1126 / science.abd1714

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