Climate Change Conflict at Waterhole Jaguar Kills Ocelot Rare Shots

A boy carries a jaguar ocelot near a water pipe in the Maya Biosphere Reserve in Guatemala. Loan: Washington State University

Researchers have seized rare photographic evidence that Jaguar killed another predatory wild cat in an isolated well in Guatemala.

In the footage, the male jaguar reaches the well է apparently waits for an hour. It allows a potentially dangerous predator to pass, but when the occult stops drinking, the jaguar jumps and takes the small predator.

The event is detailed in a recent study published in the journal Biotropicswas captured in the May 2019 Biosphere Reserve in May 2019, a dry month of the drought year for tropical forests, by wildlife conservationists at Washington State University, the Wildlife Society.

“While these predator interactions are rare, there may be some cases where they become more common, one of which may be due to disputed water resources,” said Daniel Thornton, WSU Assistant co-author. They do not think that tropical systems are dry, but in many parts of the world, tropical rain is quite seasonal, and with climate change, some of these tropical ecosystems are expected to become even more seasonal. The more isolated and scarce water resources become, the more they will become hotspots. ”
Researchers have recorded rare footage of a male jaguar killing an ocelot, another predatory wild cat, in an isolated well in Guatemala’s Maya Biosphere Reserve. Loan: Washington State University

Jaguars, which can weigh more than 200 pounds, usually prey on small animals such as armadillos or pancakes. Ocelots, also carnivorous, are smaller than their large jaguar cousins ​​at around 18 18-44,, their pattern of activity is similar to that of jaguars, especially during the dusk.

Although some studies have shown signs of ocelot in jaguar feces, so far no known images have been recorded in which jaguar directly killed ocelot.

“These dramatic images of the camera trap clearly show the fierce competition of wildlife for precious water-like resources,” said Ronnie Garcia-Anlen, co-author of the study from WCS Guatemala ծրագր. “Unfortunately, climate change and related droughts are predicted to worsen, which means that there are difficult times for wildlife that depend on aquifers to survive.”

The researchers installed cameras in 42 wells in the area between 2018 and 2019. In the dry season of 2019, the water was only about 21 ից, none of them was 10 km away from this well. In the same remote area, scientists also recorded a fight between two jaguars, “jaguars” trying to attack a young carp. They noted that seven different jaguars attended the well, which is unusual for species that usually avoid their peers and stay in their area.

The Jaguar-ocelot killing has been caught as part of a larger monitoring program that looks at the distribution of animals across the landscape in northern Guatemala, especially in relation to human oppression. Ironically, this well was one that was far removed from any human community, but that did not mean that it was not necessarily affected by human activity.

“We have evidence that a lot is happening with climate change, but we may not be aware of every detail, every aftermath,” said Lucy Perera-Romero, lead author of the WSU PhD study. “For example, in these beautiful green forests we may not be aware that water flow is a serious problem. It can be another source of mortality. “Apart from deforestation, hunting, everything we do.”

The Mayan Forest is one of the 5 Great Forests of Mesoamerica, extending from Mexico to Colombia, collectively covering three times the size of Switzerland. 5 The Great Forests are all transboundary և represent the most potent bastions of Mesoamerica j for jaguars և other wildlife ություններ provide services to five million people, such as carbon capture, clean water և food security.

Reference. “When wells are busy, rare interactions improve. Jaguar photo proof (Panthera onca:ocelot murder (Leopardus pardalis:) »Author: Lucy Perera – Romero, Rony Garcia – Anleu, Roan Balas McNab և Daniel H. Thornton, December 28, 2020 Biotropics,
DOI: 10.1111 / btp.12916:

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