Can we draw energy from black holes? Colombian research shows how to extract energy

The disc, which appears almost in the direction of the black hole, looks like a crazy double. Credit: NASA Godard Space Flight Center / Jeremy Shinitman

A new Colombian study shows that energy can be extracted from black holes by reconnecting magnetic field lines.

An amazing prediction about Einstein’s general theory – a concept that connects space, time, and gravity – has the power to tap black holes.

For the past 50 years, scientists have tried to come up with a way to extract this energy. Nobel physicist Roger Penroz realizes that particle scattering can cause Black hole; Stephen Hawking suggested that black holes be released by quantum mechanical release energy; Roger Blanford and Roman Zinajeck point out that the electromagnetic energy is the main agent.

Now in a study published in the journal Physical Assessment d, Physicist Luca Comiso from University of Columbia And Filipe Asenjo from the University of Chile, Adolfo Ibasez, found a new way to extract energy from black holes by breaking and merging magnetic field lines near the horizon of the event, with no point escaping gravity from the black hole.

“Black holes are usually surrounded by hot soups Plasma Particles carrying a magnetic field, ”said Luca Comiso, a researcher at Columbia University and author of the study. According to our theory, when magnetic field lines are cut and reconnected, they can properly accelerate plasma particles to negative energy and generate a large amount of black hole energy. ”

The discovery could lead astronomers to better estimate the rotation of the black hole, drive the black hole to emit energy, and even find a source of energy for higher civilization needs, Komiso said.

Why reconnecting works

Comiso and Asenjo have developed the theory that reconnecting magnetic fields accelerates plasma particles in two different directions. One is that the plasma flow is driven by the rotation of the black hole, the other is pushed in the direction of rotation, and if the plasma in the black hole is negatively charged, it can escape the black hole release energy.

“A person loses weight by eating candy with negative calories,” says Comiso, adding that the black hole basically loses energy by eating negatively charged particles. “This may seem strange, but it can happen in an area called the ergosphere, and the continuity of the rest of the cycle rotates in the same direction as a black hole,” he said.

In the ergosphere, magnetic reconstruction is so extreme that plasma particles accelerate at velocity to light.

According to Asenjo, a professor of physics at the University of Adolfo and a researcher at the university, Asenjo said that the relative speed between the captured and the escapement of plasma streams is a function of the proposed process to extract large amounts of energy from the black hole.

“We have calculated that the plasma power generation will be 150 percent more efficient than any other power plant on earth,” he said. Plasma is free to escape from the black hole, and more than 100 percent of the black holes can be achieved. ”

Power source for the future?

The power outage proposed by Comiso and Asenjo may already be working in a large number of black holes. It may be driving black hole flashes – a powerful radiation from the earth.

He said that increasing our knowledge of how magnetic contact occurs in the vicinity of the black hole could be crucial in guiding the interpretation of black holes, such as current and future telescope observations, such as the event horizon telescope.

Although it may seem like a science fiction novel, the minerals that come out of black holes may be the answer to our future energy needs.

“For thousands of years or millions of years, humans will be able to survive on the black hole without the use of astrological power,” says Comiso. Basically, it’s a technology problem. If we look at physics, there is nothing to stop it. ”

The study To remove power from rotating black holes as a magnetic connection, Funded by the National Science Foundation Windows on the Universe Motivation, NASA, And the Chilean National Fund for Science and Technology Development.

“The ideas and ideas discussed in this work are really interesting,” said Vyacheslav (Slava) Lukin, program director at the National Science Foundation. He said the NSS aims to accelerate new theoretical efforts based on boundary observations, bringing together theoretical physics and observation under one roof.

“We look forward to the prospect of an astrophysic-like study of black hole astrophysics,” adds Lucin.

REFERENCES: “Reconnected like a magnet to remove the rotating force from the rotating black holes” 13 January 2021; Physical Assessment d.
Doy: 10.1103 / PhysRevD.103.023014

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