An independent review board praises the grand plan to bring Mars samples to Earth

Artist’s comment on ESA Earth’s orbit. Credit: ESA / ATG Medialab

Big power campaign by NASA ESA and ESA have been commended by the Independent Evaluation Board, which has been set up to review the many years of collecting samples from the Red Planet and returning them to Earth. Mars Missions

The Mars Sample Return Campaign predicted earlier that NASA and EAA would launch several missions to the Red Planet to collect, launch, and return safely to Earth. NASA has released a report by the Independent Sampling Review Board, which was set up by NASA to review the status of its multi-year international partnership, in response to NASA’s recommendations.

Earth's orbit in orbit

Artist’s comment on ESA Earth’s orbit around Mars. Credit: ESA / ATG Medialab

After reviewing the plan, one of the greatest human endeavors ever undertaken, the Board concluded that space agencies are ready for challenges after decades of scientific and technological progress.

The Board commended NASA and ESA for their strong work in the field of robotics and space exploration, which has been a valuable resource for the agencies so far.

“The neutral assessment has given strong support to the Mars Sample Return, which is great news for the campaign,” said David Parker, ESA’s director of human and robotic navigation. It strengthens our common vision of providing the best possible red planetary fragments to scientists around the world using laboratory equipment and techniques that we do not take to Mars.

“Next to the International Space Station, Orion and the future lunar Gateway, we will strengthen our partnerships across the science and technology frontier. ESA agrees with NASA on how to reflect on our joint work by carefully studying the report’s recommendations. ”

Review Board

NASA launched this independent review board to ensure that its long-awaited mission succeeds. It is the first independent review of any NASA science mission. The board includes 10 experienced leaders and experts from the scientific and engineering sectors, as well as interviews with NASA and ESA, as well as industry and academics. The Board made 44 recommendations regarding the scope and management of the program, technical procedures, timetables and funding.

An overview of the Mars sample return

Artist’s sample of Mars sample return missions, including NASA Mars Ascension Vehicle, ESA Earth Orbit, Mars Sampling and Earth Entry Capital. Credit: ESA / ATG Medialab

Return of the Mars sample

The campaign calls for more sophisticated spacecraft, the first NASA Endurance Rover, already halfway to Mars. Persistence is one of the cleanest hardware ever deployed, a sophisticated sampling system with a cornering drill and sample tubing.

Sample Rover Infographic

Bring a sample What is a rover? Credit-ESA

Once on Mars, persistence hides stone and soil samples in the storage tubes. He then uses some of the ESA’s robotic equipment for the ESA Sample Fetch Rover to orbit the NASA Mars Ascins orbit around Mars.

Earth return orbit data-graphic

What is the Earth’s orbit? Credit-ESA

Once circled around Mars, the ESA’s orbit will orbit more than 70 million kilometers of space around Mars and take them to NASA’s most secure reservoir for landing by 2030.

Mars Sample Return Overview Infographic

Overview of the ESA – NASA Mars Sample Return Mission. Credit-ESA – K. Oltenberg

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