Air Taxis can significantly reduce fuel consumption and traffic congestion

The ORNL model, which used air taxis on a long-distance journey between the city of Los Angeles and Los Angeles International Airport, revealed that fuel consumption is significantly reduced if even a small percentage of commuters commute to air taxis. Credit: Andy Sproles / ORNL, US Department of Energy

If air taxis become a viable means of transportation, researchers at Oak Ridge National Laboratory have calculated that they can significantly reduce fuel consumption by easing traffic congestion.

Air taxis, small air vehicles that offer point-to-point and on-demand travel, have been shown to save time, but their impact on fuel use is largely uncertain.

An ORNL study is about the energy used by air taxis between the city of Los Angeles and Los Angeles International Airport. It’s a route that has a serious congestion during off-peak hours.

“Our modeling, which can be applied cumulatively to any route, has shown that deviating 3-20% of that traffic from this route can reduce traffic and vehicle fuel use to 15-74%,” said ZNhong Lin of ORNL. “The key view is that if a small portion of passengers in congested areas were to switch to air taxis, you would create a win-win and win-win result for commuting, the economy and the environment.”

Reference: Zhenhong Lin, Fei Xie, and Shiqi (Shawn) Ou, “October 1, 2020,” Modeling the External Effects of Air Taxis on Reducing Road Traffic Energy Consumption. ” Transportation Research Record: Journal of the Research Research Board.
DOI: 10.1177 / 0361198120952791

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